We are a bespoke millinery atelier concentrating on each individual hat being a special piece for each wearer. Every hat is as unique as you are, so if you have any questions at all before ordering, please send us an email through our contact page and we are always happy to advise on any order.


What are your opening hours?

Our bespoke fitting atelier is APPOINTMENT ONLY.
Our availability for an appointment is from 11am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.
All appointments are with Justin personally.

All hats on our website are available to try on at an appointment or you can discuss a bespoke service or adjustments to a ‘ready to wear’ piece at the appointment.

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes. We create each gift card especially for you handwritten and in an envelope, so it’s a fantastic gift to give, especially if it’s a bespoke hat and consultation, as a visit to the atelier is such a nice experience, and to have a bespoke hat made is a sublime process. We would have a chat with you to confirm how much you would like to spend, we make up the card and curate the appointment to fit your needs. We can also make up smaller amounts against an online order, please contact us for more info.

How much is a bespoke hat?

A bespoke (made-to-measure) hat starts from £895. We start by making an appointment at the atelier, or by phone or video conference if you prefer, This is usually 1hour. Justin talks you through all the options, take full measurements and shape of your head. We might have a few examples or fabric options to talk you through, all depending on what is requested. This usually proceeds with a second fitting where a final date is set for the delivery of your hat. This can be in person or by post. This whole process takes between 4–6 weeks but can vary considerably based on the nature of the works.


How do I work out my head size?

Use a tape measure to measure around your head, about 1 cm above your ears, or where you like to wear a hat, in centimetres. All of our hats through our website come either one size will fit all or a size will be stated next to the design should it be a fixed size.

Hats can also be worn on the back of the head, or if it’s a turban, it sits at a slightly different angle, so make sure to measure around that part of the head where you wish the hat to sit. All hats have sizes and size ranges in the description of each hat.


How is it best to store my hat?

In the best circumstances, we would recommend you have a head block in your size to store your hat on, especially after you initially take off your hat and it might be a little moist. You can purchase these online in different sizes or we can refer you to a good website. We can also sell sized pieces with any bespoke order or by special request through our contact page.

We also provide a keepsake box with every J Smith Esquire purchase, theses boxes are designed to be perfect storage boxes to make sure your hat is safe, dust-free and doesn’t get squashed.

What happens if my hat gets smaller?

Over time the luxury natural fibres in your hat may reduce their size slightly due to the best materials being used, especially if the piece has been subjected to rain, dampness or moisture from the head. To stretch your hat back to its original size, we recommend  contacting us

What should I do if my hat gets wet?

Do not place on a radiator! You should always allow your hat or cap to dry naturally in a warm place. If possible, it’s always good to have a head block to let the hat sit on to dry, this will ensure the hat stays in the best shape possible.

How should I care for my felt hat?

Can I wash my hat?

Why does my hat keep falling off?

How should I care for a Panama straw hat?

All our straw hats are the best straw available, in some instances unique vintage straw. They are all HAND BLOCKED to ensure the straws retain as much of their original moisture content as possible. They will last much longer than a ‘production’ straw hat, but over time, especially worn in the extreme sun, they will crack with age. We recommend handling them by the crown, on the ‘pinch’ of the crown, and placing them on the edge of a table overhanging the table edge to retain shape when not in use, or better still on a head block. Most of our hats are reinforced to give the best longevity possible.

Can you repair my hat?

Yes. We charge £95 as a starting price for repairs. We sadly can’t take on every job or mend other brands hats. We can change bands & bows to make your hat more suited to an outfit or to give it a new lease of life. We can also undertake major restorations and complete copies of original, loved hats, old or new. This would be classed as our ‘bespoke service’. Contact us to find out more and to make an appointment.

I’ve lost my hat! Help!

Justin can copy any photo of a hat and make it from scratch, to fit you like a glove, so if you have sadly lost your hat, or your granny has given you a loved hat that is just a little past its sell-by date, Justin can recreate any hat. We can make anything you dream of from simple wardrobe classics to  show stoppers. It’s usually good to send us some photos to get us started. Get in contact to have a chat about your dreams!

HAT AVAILABILITY from the website:

Are the hats on your website available in other colours and sizes?

All pieces for sale on the website are ‘ready-to wear’ unique pieces. We make each piece by hand. We want each piece to fit the wearer correctly and any adjustments are made before the hat is sent out to its new owner. That’s why we ask for your head size at the checkout stage of a purchase. We will follow up with contact directly to make sure the piece is perfect for you before sending, so expect a personal follow up email from your order.

Can any hats be returned?

Unfortunately, we do not conduct refunds or exchanges on any of our hats that have been customised to fit perfectly, due to the bespoke nature of the piece. If we have not altered the piece then your usual rights apply. Justin is always on hand for advice on all things millinery, so he is always happy for you to send him an email to have a liase about any problems you have, as most things can be worked out should you be at all unhappy with your purchase.

Are you stocked elsewhere? / Do you have a list of stockists?

All J Smith Esquire pieces are unique to our shop. We do from time to time have wholesale collaborations that are available elsewhere, these will also be available on our website and be marked as such and have links to the collaborator’s website and where else they are sold. They are usually in very small numbers to keep the exclusivity of the brand.